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Coffetek Step Touch Screen Coffee Machine


Coffetek’s latest release is the Step: a combination of quality drinks, robust technology and intuitive design. At the cutting edge of vending dispense systems, the Step can promise both premium hot drinks and a user friendly experience.


The Step can cater for any tastes: from bean to cup or fresh brew coffee, to fresh leaf tea. It can also cater for decaf drinks and hot chocolate, as well as specialty coffees like espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and mochas. The easy to use touch selection allows customers to fully customise their drinks, altering the amounts of milk and sugar, as well as changing the strength. These personal choices can be saved using a unique code, making the entire process more efficient.

Drink selection is simple. The patented In-Touch user interface is similar in style to many smaller touchscreen devices, and the large, clear icon buttons make selection easy. The Step’s i-Detect facility ensures that a cup is dispensed every time, and also allows for the use of your own cup.

The Step is a supreme product that guarantees delicious hot drinks, produced in a user friendly way.

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