Melodia Snack Vending Machine


The Melodia snack machine is a sleek, modern refreshment solution designed to cater for small to medium sized businesses, incorporating the most innovative vending technology.


The Melodia snack machine can stock up to 36 products, all of which can be fully customised in line with your office requirements. With the addition of the new Electronic Tray Labels (ETL) communication and functionality is now fast, efficient and easy to use for customers and operators alike.

This neat, slender model will nicely compliment your office décor and (thanks to the front to front air circulation feature) the Melodia can even be placed flat against the wall. Due to the understated design of the machine, there is plenty of free space to display your own branding – ideal for waiting areas where customers and guests are typically seated.

Should you wish to include a selection of cold drinks to sit alongside your range of snacks, the Melodia now contains an individual spring type bottle bridge allowing a variety of bottle heights to be stored on one tray.

The Melodia also incorporates intelligent temperature management technology that enables three different temperatures to be set in the machine; this will ensure that products are stored at the optimal temperature for consumption.


» Large LCD display

» Touch-sensitive keyboard giving the end user visual/acoustic feedback of the selection

» LED lighting of the product compartment

» Possible to install up to three payment systems at the same time

» Newly designed dispense compartment easy to brand

» A highly efficient, reliable and low-consumption cooler unit installed at the base of the vending machine

» Option to place Melodia flat against the wall thanks to front to front air ventilation

» New rolling price display

» Easy opening of door thanks to the grip in the interface area

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